Report Date: 01/25/2006

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Beau James Tri Parti Impression

Reg Name: Beau James Tri Parti Impression
Reg #: TR287286/02 Breed/Variety: Pomeranian
Birth Date: 03/26/2004 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Black & Tan
Breeder(s): Cynthia Wallen

Beau James Tri Parti Impression
Black & Tan
Beau James Joli Renoir Parti
TR049483/02 03-04
Orange Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V301794
Beau James Ticekins Honey Bee
TN991336/02 11-00
AKC DNA #V102758
Lilygap The Bee's Knees
TN412054/03 06-98
Cream Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V161888
Wee Hearts A Patchy Kid
TN190060/04 09-96
Orange Parti-Color
Lazy SL Cherokee Parti
TM761118/01 04-94
Orange & White
Wee Hearts Dirty Dianna
TM644809/02 07-93
Black & Tan
Guitar's Polka Dottie
TN194247/01 10-96
Blue Parti-Color
Guitar's Graduation Parti One
TM514058/02 12-93
White Black Markings
Guitar's Music Of The Knight
TM923402/02 04-95
Black Parti-Color
Beau James Sable Intrigue
TN379868/02 12-97
Orange Sable
Elan's Intrigue
TM888701/02 01-94
AKC DNA #V161896
CH Elan's Inferno
TD190600 10-91
Orange Sable
CH Elan's Diabolique
TM767776/01 02-93
Beau James Ima Lil Black Feist
TM905728/05 02-95
Fame's Ima Lil' Buddy
TC216544 11-85
Cashmere Choco Caitlin
TM451817/03 12-92
White Brown Markings
Raffinans Queen Of Mardi Gras
TN896543/01 02-01
Orange Sable
Raffinans Blue Shappire
TN471888/01 08-98
AKC DNA #V85820
Shadow's Dark N Dreary Mist
TN233337/01 03-97
Blue Parti-Color
R And M Little Peanut
TM801100/01 04-94
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #V106173
Sandhills Panda Parti
TM999664/01 08-95
Black Parti-Color
Appy's Struttin Drucilla
TM745582/05 10-93
Appy's Struttin Teddie Eddie
TD374848 05-91
Classy Panuchi Babe
TC808416 10-88
Raffinan's Patches
TN415798/05 11-97
Orange Sable Parti-Color
Pombreden's S'More Love Please
TN184251/01 08-96
Chocolate Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V122160
Pombreden-Jc's Parti Tuxedo
TM708287/01 10-92
Black & White
Pombreden's Pentecostal Faith
TM622714/01 02-92
White Spotted
Pombreden's Jesus' My Shelter
TN195460/01 04-96
Sable Parti-Color
Pombreden's Parti Showbiz Ojc
TM834110/01 05-95
Wolf Sable Parti-Color
Pombreden's Sheltered By JC
TM673755/05 10-92
White Red Markings
Beau James Tri N To Parti
TR132084/03 12-04
Black & Tan
CH Kacee's Tailors Teddy Bear
TP012422/02 08-01
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V186682
CH Janesa's Tailor-Made Of Kacee's
TN706109/04 01-00
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #P66420
CH Janesa's For Keep-Sake
TN466484/03 05-98
AKC DNA #V15164
CH Jan-Shars The Terminator Of Janesa
TM964261/02 07-95
AKC DNA #P66404
Berry's Wee Heart Sugar Gold
TD308661 06-92
Janesa's Heather
TN061973/01 08-97
Orange Sable
Nabob's Champagne On Ice
TD353217 08-92
Janesa's Southland Tanner CD
TD039101 02-90
Black & Tan
Jan-Shars Lily At Kacee's
TN798239/01 07-00
Jan-Shars Baby Huey
TN317628/01 08-97
CH Absolutes Magic Mountain
TM874617/02 01-94
Jan-Shars Good Golly Miss Molly
TM939491/03 10-94
Jan-Shars Lily Of The Valley
TN601154/04 03-99
CH Absolute's Mini Bike
TN135297/04 11-96
Janesa's N Jan-Shars Asia
TN400822/01 01-98
Orange Sable
Beau James Dreamtime Sabrina
TN700451/01 05-00
Orange Sable
Wee Heart's Phoenix Rising
TN471123/01 07-98
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V176838
Wee Heart's Color Guard
TM795597/01 11-93
Orange Sable White Markings
AKC DNA #V101645
CH Southland's Janesa Berry Tby
TD000413 09-90
Black & Tan
Wee Heart Pruf Of The Puuddin
TD337961 04-91
Wee Hearts Plan N A Parti
TM976186/03 09-94
Orange Sable
Hillsboro's Mighty Mite
TD231218 08-91
Orange Sable
Wells Marcy Girl
TM738196/02 10-93
Black & White
Dreamtime Shadow T Magpie
TN342052/03 08-98
White Parti-Color
Dee's Charlie Brown
TC963737 05-89
Little Pepper Todd
TC575162 10-87
Cotton Glacier Fox
TC454332 11-87
Shadow T's Chocolate Lane
TN101679/02 09-95
Chocolate White Markings
L J Timebomb
TD100209 06-92
Black & Tan
Ebony Tanager
TD110076 09-90
Black & Tan

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